fall in love

“close your eyes
fall in love
stay there”

fall in love with the breath
with the space within
filled with silence

upon the tyranny
of the mind
gets quiet

upon the thoughts
and emotions
settle in

as when
the murky water
is at rest

it becomes
it becomes

that is
the state of peace
where our energy
stems from

true happiness
and health
can only come
in peace

in inner peace

Mari D. González (c) July 27, 2022



i did not choose this feeling
god did
the universe did

“someone’s love for you is a gift
your love for someone is a gift,
a gift from god”


what do you do when
your true feeling collapses
with past pain

at the moment
you are no longer you

you are the past
you are the hurt
you are the pain

anger takes over
confusion takes over
impulse takes over
you are no longer you

i read your text
i read your voice

but i did not see you
i saw the memory
i became the past
i regressed

we both did it to each other

you got angry
you saw the memory
you became the past
you did not see me
you regressed

we collided


love becomes hate
in an instant

a sunny day covered
by moving
bursting clouds
is a storm

in anger high
our views shrink

one easily concludes
“she doesn’t care
i am wasting my time”


a disproportionate reaction
is a window
to our past treasure

why do we hurt the people
we love the most?

“because behind every culprit
there is a victim crying for help”

and, “those who are more difficult to love
are the ones who need the most love”

yet, they run away
they run away from themselves first
they run away from their own emotions
they run away from their own pain
they run away from their own reactions

how can you move ahead then?
how can you concord again?
how can you resolve conflict?

for some,
it is easier to carry
a torn for a lifetime

for some
it is ok to live
in anger

for some
is a painkiller

for some
it is best to open
that tender wound again
to pluck the thorn
for once

they chose strength
they chose to keep feeling
they chose the courage
to take ego’s evil
by its horns
they chose surrender
upon awareness

because if one
can’t embrace deep pain
one can’t embrace deep love

they are next to each other
both reside in the heart

​Mari D. González © February 28, 2022

an appointment with god

every moment is vast
it is infinite
it is filled with love
it is filled with god

what keeps me
from living this truth?

it is a mind
it is the noise of the mind
it is the thoughts of that mind
it is the emotions of that mind

thoughts about a past
that does not exist
thought about a future
that does not exist either

what are thoughts?
they are desires
they are illusions
they are a mental diversion


today, you said
we will meet

i cleaned house
although what
i really needed to clean
were my thoughts
my expectations

the idea of external joy
the idea of somebody
owning my happiness
the idea that happiness
is in the future

today, i cleaned house
and told myself
that perhaps, i won’t see you
but that it would not matter

because the one
i really need to meet
fall for
stay with
get to know
and never let go

it is that space
that silence
that awareness
that total joy
that totality
that nothingness
that unconditional love
that i am
that you are

it is the eternal moment
of knowing that
this world is an illusion

no one brings you joy
no one robs it from you

it is an illusion

it is an illusion
that there is something
that there is someone
out there

whom you must meet
who will bring
the nectar of joy to you

who will prepare it
for you
who will formulate it
for you
who will make you
whole at last
that you must wait for

it is not
a someone
it is a Knowing

it is an eternal knowing
it is the seer
of the moment to moment
of the breath to breath

that teaches you
that this world
is unreal

that is not the events
that it is not the people
that is not the things

but the one who observes
the one who sees
the one who knows

can i fall in love
then with that only
worth doing so?

can i long for such
amrita as i am
longing for you?

there is nothing out there
that will make you happy
that will take your happiness

there is nobody out there
who will make you happy
who will take your happiness
away, either

the one that you are really
longing for is that complete

that silent mind
that has stopped
playing games with you


as i await for you
i conceive that
the true appointment
i need is with
that eternal love

whom the sages
the saints
the awakened
the higher selves
have talked about

to find it?

when you accept
that the external world
is an illusion

that we create
such world with
a mind that does not
want to die

a mind that is on the way
a mind that keeps
the whole play alive
the whole game alive
the whole maaya alive

i won’t see you tonight
but, i will surely book
myself to the One
to that silence
to that space
to that love

i have looked for
for thousands of lives
who lives within me
who lives within you
and hope to see there

Mari D. Gonz​ález © November 18, 2021

príncipe azul

not waiting
for prince charming
am I

nor am I after him
we shall find each other

someone else
to find, I need
which is
the essence
that dwells within

~to be able to see it on my other half

Mari D. González © September 29, 2000



aquel folder

ayer saque mi folder
aquel que llevo cargando
de lugar en lugar

tal vez
no se

¿para quien son?
¿para qué guardarlas?

Mari D. González © May 5, 2020